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Cascade, Iowa Electric Utilities

The Cascade Industrial Park is served, in part, by Cascade Municipal Utilities via 12.5 kV, 3-phase, underground distribution system. The Utilities can provide customers with line voltage or their choice of all standard voltages. Cascade Municipal Utilities has several unique advantages over other electrical providers. It has 5-megawatts of standby generation and can carry its own system load when the electric transmission lines go down. It can, in most cases, supply electricity at a lower cost because it has no investors to satisfy with an annual profit or dividend. It is head quartered and staffed in Cascade and response time to outages and problems is a few minutes verse hours.

Electric Rates (9-13)Customer ChargekWh/kW Rate
Residential Rate:$12.00/mo.$0.09312/kWh
All Electric Rate:$12.00/mo.$0.07975/kWh
Commercial Rate:$12.00/mo. Single-phase.$0.09278/kWh
$31.00/mo. 3-phase$0.09278/kWh
City/Interdept. Rate:$12.00/mo$0.09278/kWh
Demand Rate:$31.00/mo.$0.06798/kWh
Cost Adjustment Factor:$0.05990/kWh
Cascade Municipal Utilities Light Plant
Cascade Municipal Utilities Light Plant
Generation Units
One of Four Stand By Generation Units