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City of Cascade

Municipal Utilities


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Cascade Utilities Electric 

Cascade is proud to have our own Municipal Utility which serves both residential and commercial electric customers. C.M.U is able to supply commercial customers with 3 phase line voltage of all standard starting at 12.5 KV and below. When severe weather hits or an electric outage occurs C.M.U is proud to employ local operators and own backup generators which provide 5,700 KW of emission friendly generation.

Electric Rates

Residential:    Meter Charge - $12                 Electric Rate - $.09312/kwh

Commercial:  Meter Charge - $12 (regular)   Electric Rate - $.09278/kwh
                      Meter Charge - $31 (3 phase)  Electric Rate - $.09278/kwh

Demand:       Meter Charge - $31.00             Electric Rate - $.06798/kwh